Mediation is a way of resolving disputes in a safe and supportive environment with the assistance of a skilled and neutral third party, the Mediator.

The Mediator does not impose a solution or make a decision on behalf of the parties.

The first step is the pre mediation, a one on one meeting with each Party. The aim of this meeting is to explain the process in detail and to assess the suitability of mediation.
If mediation is appropriate, a Joint Session is booked where both parties attend a meeting with the Mediator. Parties may have their lawyers present at the mediation.

The Mediator controls the process and helps the parties to listen to each other in a safe environment. The Mediator helps them generate options, explore these options to see if they are workable and help the parties to come to an agreement.

If an agreement is reached, it is one that the Parties have reached and not an agreement that has been imposed by a third party.

These meetings can occur at our premises or at a location suitable to all parties and the mediator.