Family Dispute Resolution

The Family Law Act 1975 requires Parties to a dispute relating to children, to mediate before going to the Family Court, unless the matter is urgent or it falls within the exceptions stipulated in the Act. In a non-urgent case and if the matter is suitable for mediation, an application to the Family Court can only be made with a Certificate signed by a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Information about Certificates is explained by the Mediator at the pre mediation meeting.

At AMS, Antonia is registered with the Attorney General’s office and is able to issue such Certificates.

Property & Financial Settlement

After separation, discussions relating to the division of assets may need the assistance of a Mediator who is an independent, neutral third party. At AMS the Mediator’s role is to clarify the issues, help the Parties generate options whilst keeping them future focused. It is a prerequisite that the Parties have already received their legal advice prior to attending mediation as the Mediator will not provide any legal advice whatsoever.

Personal & Neighbourhood Disputes

Sometimes relations between friends/family/neighbours are tested. At AMS the Mediator supports conversation between the Parties in a safe, neutral and professional environment and helps them hear each other’s points of view. The aim is to assist the Parties reach a workable solution.

Workplace Disputes

Working with colleagues and/or management from day to day could put a strain on working relationships. This could be the case either with colleagues or with management. At AMS we assist the Parties generate strategies and put in place realistic procedures which may prevent future misunderstandings within the workplace.